Dave McDowell Sportsmanship Award

Dave McDowell was the Head Tennis Professional at the Quincy Racquet Club from 1982-1989. He was committed to helping people achieve their life goals both on and off of the court. Dave encouraged players to compete with passion and integrity. He created many opportunities for players to compete by spending countless hours traveling around to tournaments in order to test the skills of his players. Dave played a positive role in many young people's lives during his time in Quincy,IL.

Dave and his wife Mary Lou currently live in San Diego, CA and enjoy spending time with their son Brian and his family.

Congratulations to the following players for earning the award:

2017 Kendra Maples

2016 Jamie Steinkamp & Sean Robertson

2015 Allison Steinkamp



2012 Kathy Hodge

2011 Cindy Strock

2010 Kathy Fauble/Tim O'Neal


2008 William Hyde


2006 Monica Stuart/Jerry Holzgrafe

2005 Allan Atkins

2004 Gerry Korb

2003 Monica Stuart

2002 Joe Shults

2001 Allan Atkins